Company Values

Physio Pro was founded, and continues to run, on the following core values to achieve its aims of delivering a high quality, excellent value and evidenced based physiotherapy and sports and exercise medicine service:

  • Patient Centred Care – Every patient’s story and situation is different with their own goals, beliefs and preferences to types of treatment available. Therefore, a core principle of Physio Pro is to ensure that you, the patient, are the driving force behind the treatment decision-making process. You will always be advised on the options with guidance on what is the optimal approach to help you achieve your goals.
  • Honesty & Integrity – A fundamental component to achieving a successful recovery is building trust between patient and clinician. It is of paramount importance to Physio Pro that you are treated in a transparent way, allowing you to understand the reasoning behind treatment decisions.
  • Courage – Injuries can be painful in more ways than one, and often it takes courage to overcome them and return to sport and the activities you love. Physio Pro aims to help you overcome the inevitable bio-psycho-social implications that come along with injuries as well as the biomechanical implications of injuries.
  • Empathy – Pain often has the ability to make you feel isolated, lonely, fearful and frustrated. Physio Pro understands this and always tries to see the situation from your point of view, working with you to understand how your injury is affecting your life. Once this is understood, a treatment plan can be formulated to achieve the goals that are specific to your needs.  
  • Holistic approach – There may be times when conservative measures and rehabilitation alone are not sufficient to manage your condition. In this instance, other measures may be required and having further input from different disciplines can be imperative to achieving a successful outcome. Having studied his masters alongside doctors, podiatrists and osteopaths, Sam really learnt the value of seeing injuries through a different lens. You can be assured that, when necessary, Sam will direct you to fellow professionals whom he trusts to help you achieve a full recovery.
  • Evidence Based – Treatment techniques and decisions are based on clinical reasoning that is evidenced based from up to date literature and research. This ensures best practice and a high quality of patient care to optimise your results.

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