Online Consultations

How does an online consultation work?

In order to conduct an online consultation you will need to have an electronic device that supports one of the following platforms; WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype. It is also required that you have a reliable WiFi connection. Once connected to your consultant you will be asked a series of questions relating to your issue, including a brief medical history, to better understand your situation. From the questioning advice regarding management, onward referral or specific exercises can be given to help you manage and treat your injury.

Is an online consultation right for me?

Online consultations work best for those just seeking initial advice on how to treat a new injury. The assessment is largely limited to a line of questioning, although it may be possible to demonstrate certain movements or view the injured body part where appropriate to glean more information. From the consultation you should expect advice on practical measures that you can implement at home, and (where possible) advice on specific exercises to aid the management and recovery. A judgement can also be made whether you should book a clinical appointment with a therapist, consultant or GP.  You may also benefit from an online consultation if you have previously attended a physio assessment and are looking for a lower cost alternative to discuss exercise progressions and management.

** You should NOT expect; a full assessment in regards to hands on testing or treatment outside the realms of advice and exercise prescription.

What is the benefit to me?

Online consultations provide quick, easy and convenient contact with a clinician to give immediate self management and guidance on how best to proceed in the event of a new injury. It provides a lower cost alternative to attending clinical appointments for new patients and for ongoing treatment alike.

What is the cost?

Two options are available. The choice is yours, although for a first contact initial assessment it is recommended to select a 45 minute session.

  • 45 minute consultation £35.00
  • 30 minute consultation £28.00

** Please note that on confirmation of appointment you will be provided with BACS details to make the payment in advance of the appointment. Appointment cancellations are non-refundable, however appointments may be rescheduled with sufficient prior notice given.**