COVID-19 Re-Opening Policy

As of the 25th July 2020 Physio Pro will be open for selected face to face physiotherapy consultations. The following measures have been put in place in order to comply with government and regulatory board legislation to reduce the risk to staff, patients, service users of BTC and to public health. If you are considering attending a face to face appointment you must read the following information first.


Mitigating actions

Decisions on how to safely and successfully reopen a clinical service to provide you with high quality treatment at lowest possible risks are based upon the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy guidelines which can be accessed here (


Appointment logistics and cleaning

·         Appointment times will be separated by a minimum of 15 minute intervals but where possible will be 30 minute intervals to allow for thorough cleaning of the treatment plinth and all surfaces including seats, door handles and desk and any equipment.

·         Cleaning will be conducted with alcohol based cleaning products

·         Disposable, single use couch roll will be used to cover the plinth and pillows

·         Wipeable pillow cases will be used and will cleaned in between each use

·         The treatment room will be subject to a deep clean on a regular basis in line with the cleaning structure of Bromley Tennis Club

·         Treatment room door and sky light window will be left open in between treatment sessions to assist with ventilation of the room.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment will be worn by your physiotherapist in line compliance with current government guidelines (

This means that your physiotherapist will be using:

·         Non-latex gloves (single use)

·         Apron (single use)

·         IIR facemask (Sessional use)

·         Eye protection goggles


It is also essential that you as the patient come prepared with a facemask covering. Without a facemask you will not be permitted to complete your appointment. If required, you may purchase a disposable IIR facemask from Physio Pro for a cost of £2.00


Your agreement with Physio Pro

It is advised that where possible and appropriate that you continue your physiotherapy care via remote video link sessions as at present face to face sessions require clinical justification according to guidance from governing bodies (

Prior to your face to face appointment you will need to be screened via a telephone call to determine the appropriateness for you to attend a face to face appointment. Current advice is as follows:

“Initial contact and triage assessment should be conducted via remote means during the pandemic to mitigate risk and limit face-to-face contact time. This should include screening questions to establish whether the patient is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, has been tested as positive or has household members with the same.  In order to decide whether to see a patient face-to-face you should could consider the risk to the patient, yourself, others in your clinical setting or the patient’s household. Do consider COVID-19 risk factors to help you make your decision. 

Whilst as many mitigating efforts as possible have been implemented to reduce the risk of clinician and patients contracting COVID-19 during a face to face appointment, please be aware that there is no way to completely eliminate this risk.

Please do not come to the clinic if either you or one of your household has been ill in the last 14 days. This includes, but not exclusively, the following symptoms; fever over 38 degrees centigrade, persistent cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headaches or fatigue.

Whilst government guidelines are not currently enforcing periods of self isolation on return from traveling to certain foreign countries it is Physio Pro’s policy that travel anywhere outside the UK should be followed by at least a 7 day period break to monitor for onset of the above mentioned symptoms prior to attending a face to face appointment.


What you need to do before, during and after your appointment

Once it has been determined that you are appropriate for a face to face appointment it is requested that you adhere to the following rules. Physio Pro reserves the right to terminate the appointment if the rules are not adhered to and you will still be liable for the cost of the session.

·         Please carefully read, sign and return the consent form PRIOR to your appointment via email

·         Remember to wear a facemask to your appointment. You will not be permitted to start the session without one. Masks can be purchased from Physio Pro for a cost of £2.00. Or you can find information on how to make your own mask here;

·         Please arrive at your designated appointment start time where you will be greeted at the entrance of BTC by your physiotherapist

·         Your temperature will be taken using a non-contact infrared thermometer before entering the treatment room to ensure you do not have a fever (38 degrees or above)

·         You will be asked to carefully clean your hands with alcohol based gel prior to entering the treatment room

·         Please maintain a 1 meter plus distance from your therapist where able. There will be times where this will not be able to be ensured, but the aim is to minimise timeframes within this distance

·         Please make all payments via BACS transfer where possible on completion of the session. You will be provided with details accordingly

·         If you develop any symptoms within 14 days of your last treatment date please notify Physio Pro immediately

Chaperones and accompanying relatives

·         Where possible it is requested that patients over the age of 17 attend their appointments by themselves to minimise numbers and optimise social distancing measures. Where this is not possible it may be requested that additional persons wait outside during parts of the treatment to prevent unnecessary encroachment of the 1+ meter rule

·         Patients under the age of 16 are legally required to have an attending guardian for the first session at least. Any accompanying adults will be required to follow the same measures as indicated in the “what to do before, during and after your appointment” section


·         Where chaperones are requested a member of staff will be asked to sit in the treatment room with full PPE measures in place



Self funding patients are requested, where possible to pay via BACS payment to reduce use of card machine. For those without online banking methods, card payments can be taken. In this event the card machine will be cleaned prior to and immediately after use. The same process applies to the purchasing consumables such as exercise bands.


The COVID-19 pandemic has placed us in unprecedented circumstances and this policy was written based upon current guidelines from governing bodies. However this may be liable to sudden changes should there be alterations to the advice being given. If you are attending face to face appointments you will be notified of changes of policy but it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of amendments and act accordingly.