Coaching & Mentoring

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance”

– Sir John Whitmore 

Coaching and mentoring can help you with virtually any problem or barrier you are facing. It helps you to explore ideas to problem solve your way through the obstacle to reach the other side of it

 Coaching helps you to develop practical and tangible strategies that you can implement straight away to begin moving forwards

Coaching gives you a sense of accountability which means you are less likely to let yourself off the hook and more likely to follow through on your action plans meaning you get better results

Who Can Benefit From Coaching & Mentoring?

Anyone can benefit from coaching but the population that Sam works with most are undergraduate physiotherapy students and new graduate physiotherapists who are seeking additional tuition, mentoring and coaching to help with their studies, planning career development and those who require additional support. 

His client base includes physiotherapy students requiring additional support and tutoring for exam preparation and help with essay writing, new graduates working as sole practitioners wanting the support of another practitioner and junior physiotherapists working within larger organisations seeking additional advice and support.  

Common issues people seek coaching and mentoring for include:

– further tutoring on specific topics including pathologies, assessments and diagnostics and  treatment selection

– development of clinical reasoning

– essay planning, writing and proofreading 

– goal setting for career objectives and professional development

– developing weaknesses into strengths

– problem patient discussions

– managing as a sole practitioner

– support and guidance 

If you are interested in seeing how coaching and mentoring can assist your learning and development then get in touch via to discuss what the best option for you might be. Individual sessions, package sessions and monthly memberships are all available as listed below:

60 minute individual session: £12.00

5 x 60 minute sessions: £55.00

10 x 60 minute sessions: £100.00

Monthly membership (includes 4 x 60 minute sessions per month with priority booking): £34.99*

*Minimum 2 month commitment then rolling contract thereafter, payable by direct debit

What people are saying

Reviews from Students and new grads who Sam has mentored, tutored and coached verified by 

“Sam was very good at helping me prepare for my musculoskeletal exams. He took lots of time to prepare PowerPoint presentations for me to keep and revise from. He was a huge help to me. I would thoroughly recommend Sam.”


Sam has recently taken the time to distance mentor me after I struggled to drive my own CPD as a self employed practitioner. He has been critical in advising me around goal setting and answering any clinical questions that I have. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for tutoring or mentorship and I am entirely grateful for his recent help.